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Unique Vibes

This project reflects a new turn in styles as a progressive Sound Engineer. With Shaken, Jon Doe has created some of their most compelling, clear work to date. Listen and enjoy the original sound this project has to offer.

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Sound Mixing

We offer a range of recording packages from vocal recording, full band recording and podcasts.

The service provided by Michael Njuguna Sound is flawless thanks to the latest technology as well as my meticulous work process. As a client, you’ll collaborate closely with me throughout the entire process to develop a high quality final product. Get in touch to schedule studio time today.


Latest Technology

Create and capture your unique sound with an experienced Sound Engineer and the latest technologies at the studio. You’ll have your pick of equipment — including both analog and digital options. Get in touch today to reserve an initial consultation! A world of sound is at your fingertips.


Unmatchable Sounds

For Music Mastering, there’s no better option than Michael Njuguna Sound. Schedule your initial consultation meeting today to get access to all the state-of-the-art-equipment and studio space. Get in touch to find out more about rates and availability. Don’t wait too long to schedule your appointment with the best Sound Engineer in town.


Studio 18 Artists, Guild House, Rollins Street, SE15 1EP


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